Plum District Washington DC {Earn $5 Plum Dollars}

Would you like an extra $5 to make a Plum District deal a little easier on your wallet?  Today, just “like” Plum District Washington DC to get a coupon code for $5 in Plum Dollars (valid through December 11th).  To get your code, just click “$5 Promo” on the left sidebar of the Plum District DC Facebook page – you’ll have to allow them to “access your information” and enter your email address.  But, at the end, you’ll be $5 richer in Plum Dollars!  :)

Use your $5 in Plum Dollars to get a Two Gallon Decorative Holiday Tin of Kettle Corn delivered to your door for $10 or get a $50 voucher to Way Basics (they offer terrific storage cubes/benches and bookcases) for just $22.

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