Spa Week {Review of A Women’s Club Fitness Center & Day Spa}

Spa Week at A Women's Club Fitness Center & Day Spa

Spa Week will soon be here, a favorite time of year for ladies across the country!  It’s your chance to forget your responsibilities for an afternoon and indulge in full-service spa, wellness and beauty treatments for just $50!  This Spring, Spa Week will be April 16-22, 2012, and you can already start booking your appointments!  To find all $50 Spa Week listings, just visit their websiteIt is recommended you book your treatment as soon as possible, because these spots fill up very quickly.

A few Spa Week highlights: The prestigious Red Door Spas brings its highly coveted Spa Week services to 30 locations this season (including Reston and Fairfax, DC readers!).   And, twelve stunning vacation-like exhale spa locations are offering mind-body fitness class packages, facial peels and more.   Moms, worried about childcare?  LifeSpa’s 79 locations offer 2 hours of FREE childcare with your Spa Week service.

This past weekend, one of the Northern Virginia spas who will be participating in Spa Week, A Women’s Club Fitness Center and Day Spa in Chantilly, VA, invited me to tour their property and enjoy one of their Spa Week treatments.  I looked forward to my pampering all week and was definitely not disappointed!  A Women’s Club master esthetician, Saima Shaheen, greeted me at the door and ushered me to their plush locker rooms to change into a luxurious robe.

From there, we walked a few steps to their Spa Center, a very quiet, inviting area where you can feel your stress melting away!  I hadn’t slept much the night before, because my energetic daughter woke me up at 3 AM in a panic, wondering “whether she had missed the sun.”  And, since you can’t throw a pillow at a four-year old to make them be quiet (like I do when my husband wakes me up), I was very bleary-eyed from lack of sleep.  For me, it was the perfect day to enjoy a facial, but Saima might have wondered about the incoherency of her newest client!  :)

She was very kind and accommodating, explaining in detail what I could expect from my Anti-Aging Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion Facial.  We had a discussion of what I hoped to receive from the facial (and, she didn’t laugh when I stared at her blankly and said “uh, nicer skin?”).  She also questions new clients about any skin sensitivities they might have, so she can use the appropriate skin care line (they even offer an organic line for those concerned with chemicals!).  And, with over one thousand hours of schooling, including training at a French university,  Saima is an expert on all things skin-related!

For those of you who don’t have experience with Microdermabrasion, it’s best explained as a small device that “vacuums” impurities from your face.  I was a little nervous about what to expect – but, aside from a brief bout of shuddering when Saima showed me the dead skin that came off my face, it was very relaxing!   The Microdermabrasion was followed by a facial steam to ease the process of removing any blackheads.  And, then, the fun started…a mask of comforting goodness is applied to your skin and you bask in the luxuriousness that is a facial.  Ahh!

In addition, to loving the softness of my skin since my facial, I appreciated that Saima took the time to write down a few recommendations for my skin.  She offered me a few samples to try and gave me ideas of what to look for in a skin care product, but I loved that she didn’t morph into a telemarketer of skin care products.  {You know, when you go to a hair salon and the stylist makes dire predictions (your hair will turn orange and slowly fall out!) if you don’t purchase their smoothing serum for $100?}  It probably makes me a horrible person, but I generally tune out that type of advice, assuming the stylist bought stock in the company.  However, I’m actually going to take Saima’s advice to find a facial cream with sunblock, because she was so sincere and helpful in her suggestions!

A Women’s Club Fitness Center and Day Spa is offering  these treatments for $50 during Spa Week:

  • 55 Min Organic Touch Therapy Massage with Pass to Yoga or Pilates Class
  • 55 Min Anti-Aging Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion Facial
  • Rejuvenating All-in-One Peel

For those of you in the DC Metro area, I encourage you to try A Women’s Club Fitness Center and Day Spa!  For moms out there who need childcare, A Women’s Club offers a Kid’s Club, open Monday – Sunday, for ages 8 weeks to 12 years.  Cost are negligible at $3 for the first child and $2 per additional child.  They have age-appropriate areas to keep your children entertained: computers for the older ones, a play kitchen with all the necessities and other fun toys to enthrall your preschoolers, and a separate area for babies.

Be sure to make your reservations NOW, especially if you would like the amazing Saima!  She is booked two to three weeks in advance – just further proof that she is the best. :)

{Disclosure: A Women’s Club Fitness Center & Day Spa graciously offered me a Spa Week treatment of my choice for free, in order to facilitate this review.  However, all thoughts and ideas are my own and were not influenced in any way!}

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